March 3, 1993

Montreal newspaper THE GAZETTE published a reader’s opinion in regards of the Rwandan senior official accused of genocide who at that time was residing in Canada. As Canadians of Rwandan origin, we are particularly disturbed by the presence of Mr. Zigiranyirazo, whom we believe to be head of the death squads known as Interahamwe, and…


February 22, 1993

The Vancouver Sun published an article stating that Rwanda leader’s brother-in-law freed on bail The brother-in-law of the president of Rwanda was freed on $1,000 bail Saturday after being arraigned on charges that he uttered death threats against a human-rights activist and a journalist from his homeland. Protais Zigiranyirazo, 55, has also been linked to…


February 20, 1994

US periodical, Newsday, has published a hopeful article discussing an agreement between Rwanda’s squabbling political parties to form a broad-based transitional government aimed at ending a crisis. Rwanda’s squabbling political parties have agreed to form a broad-based transitional government aimed at ending a crisis that began with a rebel invasion three years ago. Five parties…


February 19, 1993

Montreal newspaper the GAZETTE published an article by Norris Alexander called “Ottawa Probing Genocide Allegations Against N.D.G. Man.” The Gazette outlined allegations that Zigiranyirazo – a former senior government official and brother-in-law of Rwanda’s strongman president, Juvenal Habyarimana – planned massacres of the regime’s opponents and masterminded acts of genocide against the Tutsi minority group.…


February 18, 1993

Canadian newspaper THE GAZETTE offered its readers a more in depth look into the acts of a person accused of masterminding death squads in Rwanda while being enrolled in political science classes at a local Montreal’s university. Protee Zigiranyirazo, the brother-in-law of the tiny republic’s strongman president, is alleged to have planned and ordered acts…


December 29, 1993

The Guardian published a concise but terrifying message called Rwanda Rebels Arrive.  Six hundred rebel fighters arrived in the Rwandan capital of Kigali yesterday to protect five ministers chosen by the rebels for a transitional government to be formed today.